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Interpals is a free site that is primarily a language exchange service. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are able to connect through a desire to learn the other’s language. Although not a dating site per se, it’s certainly worth exploring for that purpose if you are seeking relationships with Russian women, especially of course if you do want to learn Russian too.

Learn Russian And Meet Beautiful Russian Women For Free

Interpals is a completely free and simple to use service whose stated mission is to help people to ‘make new friends, practice languages with native speakers, and meet travelers’. Although not designed as a dating site, every member has the option to state on their profile that they are looking for ‘flirting and romance’. A search for female members 18 – 45 living in Russia who checked the ‘flirting and romance’ box revealed thousands of profiles, including 407 who were online at that moment. Searches can be narrowed down to particular cities. You can also search other countries for female Russian speakers. And all this is completely free!

Reasons To Join Interpals

  • It’s completely free and very simple to join up
  • Thousands of Russian females looking for ‘flirting and romance’
  • The best place to learn Russian and meet Russian women!