Taya Ukraine YouTube dating vlogger

Taya Ukraine – How to Date Russian Women

Taya Ukraine YouTube dating vloggerTaya Ukraine is the name of a popular YouTube vlogger who specializes in giving advice to Western men on dating Ukrainian and Russian girls, as well insights into the culture and everyday life of the Ukraine, her homeland.

Taya’s fun and informative videos have attracted over 2,000 subscribers to her channel, and she is probably the most popular Russian women dating advice vlogger on YouTube now.

Quite an impressive feat for a young woman still in her early twenties!

Taya also has a Patreon page where you can help support her YouTube channel. I should also say that I have no connection to Taya or her YouTube channel, except that of all the similar channels I have followed on YouTube, her’s has been by far the most insightful and entertaining!

Taya Gives Advice On What Gifts To Give A Ukrainian Girl

A good example of the type of videos Taya has on her channel, here she gives some advice on what kind of gifts you could give to a Ukrainian girl you are dating.